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With the advent of the internet the resources at our fingertips are endless. Personally, I favor shopping locally for my garden products but occasionally I have turned to on-line suppliers for special things, especially garden ornaments and containers. This is a very short list of places I routinely visit.


Houzz for everything home and a ton of garden related items.

Belgard for high quality CMUs ( concrete modular pavers ) and design ideas

Unilock for the above as well.

Gardener’s Supply for tools, furniture, ornaments, etc.

Garden Artisans for an exhausting catalogue of quality garden amenities.

New England Garden Ornaments for beautiful garden ornamentation with a British flair.

Also the seasonal offerings of Pottery Barn, Renovator’s Supply, Hayneedle, Terrain, et. al.

Blogs I follow:


We are fortunate indeed to have many talented garden writers in our midst. The Garden Writer’s Association has published a comprehensive list of these writers, many of whom publish regular informative blogs. Below are some of the blogs I follow and enjoy;

Le Jardinet the musings of the talented Karen Chapman

Serenity in the Garden the writings of Jan Johnsen, author of Heaven is a Garden.

Grounded Design the writings and truly inspiring anecdotes of Thomas Ranier

Fine Foliage the blog of this great little book written by Christina Salwitz and Karen Chapman

Tara Dillard_a daily dose of information.

Garden Design by Carol Mullet

Fine Gardening Newsletter

Monrovia the site for perusing their beautiful plant selections.

Proven Winners our favorite plant catalogue with the new seasonal introductions.

Coffee for Roses the informative and witty Cape Cod Garden Lady, C.L. Fornari.

Garden Chirps by Vanessa Nagel

Garden Design, a new and beautiful magazine with newsletters

On My Shelf:

I swore off buying more garden books. A resolution that lasted less than a month. Even with the wealth of information on-line, I still love my books. Many are not visited frequently but when a problem arises or I need visual inspiration I know where to look. I have listed just a very few here and will continually update this list. Most of these are available on Amazon.

The Inward Garden, Outside the not so Big house and Landscape Ideas that Work by Julie Moir Meservey

Heaven is a Garden by Jan Johnsen

Fine Foliage by Karen Chapman and Christina Salwitz

Understanding Garden Design by Vanessa Nagel

Lifelong landscape Design_Mary Palmer Dargan

James von Sweden’s Architecture in the Garden
Oehme and von Sweden’s Bold Romantic Gardens
Any of Gordon Hayward’s books.
Any of John Brookes’ books.
Joe Eck and Wayne Winterood’s A Year at North Hill and Elements of Garden Design.

The Natural Garden and all of Ken Druse’s books
Michael Dirr’s Manual of Woody Landscape Plants
Allen Armitage’s Native Plants of North America

Any of the Fine Gardening special publications.

 There is so much information in the internet today and one can find reference to just about anything related to gardening in general and the specifics for plants and products. The ones listed here are sites I return to all the time. In some cases one can sign-up for newsletters and blogs. Have fun exploring!


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