Make a Statement_Add Architectural Interest

Many folks when asked about what Landscape Design encompasses only mention plants, and, although they are an important element in the design, there are many more important features to consider. The elements of garden architecture—paths, walls, gates, fences, terraces, sheds, lighting, furniture, waterworks, and art—together form the backbone of any well-designed garden.

In his seminal work the late James van Sweden writes” Oehme and Van Sweden OvS 

“When it comes to planning a comfortable and rewarding garden,” van Sweden writes in his Introduction, “the challenges that confront the owner of an estate or a weekend cottage are often substantially the same. The principles and techniques used for organizing a large site work equally well in a more modest setting.”

I have worked for many years with Walpole Woodworkers to intergrate their beautiful products into my designs.  Their beautiful arbors, pergolas and lattice panels have added that extra special dimension to the landscape. Even a nice lamppost or mail post elevate the design



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