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Elaine Johnson, APLD is the principal of Elaine M.Johnson Landscape Design, a boutique design studio which specializes is residential landscape design. Employing the Art of Design and the Science of Horticulture , Elaine strives to create gardens for her clients of lasting integrity and beauty. Elaine believes that the role of the designer is to create and bring forward the beauty that inspires us. In everyday life gardens can simply make the day more vivid, more energized and more worthwhile. Close attention to detail, fine craftsmanship and open communication combine to create landscapes that  reflect her client’s needs and personal style. Working collaboratively with a team of skilled contractors,  functional outdoor spaces are sculpted from the natural contours and conditions of the site.

“The world is moving into a phase when landscape design
may well be recognized as the most comprehensive of the arts.”
Geoffrey Jellicoe, (1900-1996)