Enter My Gardens

Enter My Gardens.

My Approach
To assure the best results for my clients, my services rely on the importance of a cohesive, unified team approach. I believe that for any project to be truly successful, the landscape designer, architect, interior designer, and contractor should work in concert from the project’s inception. This relationship fosters the pursuit of a common goal, “the client’s best interest.”
I go above and beyond to make sure my clients are actively involved in the building process from inception to completion. Each member of our diversely talented team holds their work to the most scrutinizing standards, but it’s your opinion that I care about most. Our clients particularly appreciate the ongoing relationship fostered by our principals, a dynamic relationship that grows and matures over time, in sync with the landscape itself.

Consultation & Contract
The design process begins when I meet with you, on-site, to discuss your landscape and architectural objectives. As I listen to your ideas and become more familiar with your property and intended improvements, I begin to define a scope for your project. This tells me specifically what you wish to accomplish. You can review my portfolio, which has examples of completed projects and provides us with insight as to your personal objectives, aesthetic sensibilities, and budgetary outlook. I define the sequence of tasks likely to be involved in realizing your project and assess your expectations for time and completion.
Site Analysis
The design process continues as we develop a plan of existing conditions that become the foundation for further design work. My contractors spend the necessary time on site to survey and evaluate the existing landscape and architectural features, giving us first-hand knowledge of design considerations such as noise, drainage patterns, and the presence of pleasurable or unpleasant vistas to and from the site. I photograph the site to assist in the design development process. I will also incorporate information obtained from collaborating engineering and architectural professionals.
Concept Development
The first step in the Concept Development process is to discuss with the client specific goals for the project. This enables both parties to have a mutually agreeable expectation, budget, and timeline.
Next, I analyze the extent to which existing conditions affect your desired goals. There may be a range of alternative design solutions. Discussing the pros and cons of alternatives helps us focus and select the design direction that most closely fits your needs and objectives. From this emerges a design that is then drawn as a conceptual plan and elevational sketches and overlays. I review this with you along with necessary sketches, illustrative details and graphics, and a preliminary cost projection for the proposed scope of work.
I also encourage continued client participation through site visits and subsequent meetings to review proposed construction materials and potential budget alternatives.
Final Design & Drawings
Upon approval of the design and budget presented at the conceptual stage, the process moves toward implementation. A comprehensive overall plan is developed, which includes detailed specifications for the various components of the project, such as grading, planting, lighting, and construction details. Together with the client, decisions are made regarding contractor selection, schedules, and final budgets.
At this point, if necessary, I will assist in the important, yet complex permitting issues that often impact landscape architectural projects. The permitting process typically includes the Planning, Zoning, Historic, and Conservation Commission town boards.

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