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 In my bag_Canon DSLR 40D and several lenses of which the 100mm Macro and 70-200mm are my favorites. Recently I have been experimenting with my iPhone 6 plus and very happy with the results after editing in Photoshop. Big benefit_portability and convenience.

East Bay

Capture the Light-4


Best Covells


I love to capture the rich natural surroundings on Cape Cod. We are blessed with beautiful beaches, marshes, and conservations areas. Add phenomenal light and you have a photographer’s dream. For both amateurs and professionals alike this special light has attracted camera buffs for as long as the camera was invented.

Personally, I am taken by flowers and animals and much of what I share here will feature my attempts to “Capture the Light.” I encourage all to get out there and shoot away. Some of my best attempts were in “idiot mode” when I was surprised, had no time for sophisticated settings and was blessed with that “privileged moment.”

Camperdown Elm Wharf Lane_Storm Clouds Lonesome Canoe_01_08 copy Camperdown Elm My Best Swan copy

Welcome Casablanca CVille River_Dusk Back Camera


Across East bay Tidal PondCenterville River_Winter