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Welcome Home_Creating Curb Appeal for Your Front Yard.

                                 Curb Appeal Up Front and Personal



Design: Elaine M. Johnson Landscape Design Cape Cod


Looking beyond the island in the circular drive of this contemporary Cape Cod home one notices the stately planters punctuating the portico entry. They draw the eye and are the perfect scale for the facade of this home. How can one analyze and then determine a pleasant front entry utilizing the ideas presented here. Read on.


This year February still finds us in the grip of Winter and, as gardeners, we are probably getting cabin fever and aching to get outside, dirty our hands and start that Spring clean up. Until that happens it is a great time to take a look at the elements of your front yard design. Are you pleased with what you see? Perhaps this very brief introduction will provide some clues to improving the “Approach”, “Journey” and “Arrival”.
The term curb appeal was originally coined by the real estate industry to explain those elements that prospective home buyers look for and find appealing when shopping for a future home. Most of the suggestions for providing this allure are applicable to our discussion here; i.e. making improvements to enhance the appearance of your home and therefore give you the benefit of arriving home every day to a beautiful and comfortable environment. This goes beyond a sense of pride in home ownership as it is a very PERSONAL expression of your tastes and what makes you feel good to be home after a long day at work or other consuming daily activities.

These photos are depict three categories describing the progression one makes from the initial ‘Approach’, to the ‘Journey’ and ultimately the ‘Arrival’. This is a transitional experience beginning with the moment one drives up to and enters the landscape, the walkway to the front entry and then the pause at the entry before stepping into one’s home. There are many ways to punctuate this progression with hardscape, architectural elements and plants.I am including a link here to a Keynote Presentation I developed. It is my hope you will find beautiful and practical ideas from these slides to formulate ideas that are suited to the architectural style of your home, solve functional problems and add that all important Personal Curb Appeal.




WElcome Home

Design: Elaine M. Johnson Landscape Design Cape Cod



The Approach






The Journey


The Arrival


This stately colonial has a serpentine brick walk from the parking area above the retaining wall that serves as a very welcoming journey for the visitor to the from door. The portico’s scale is in keeping with the architecture and scale of the home. Pairs of traditional urns frame the front door as the focal point of the foundation plantings.

Design: Elaine M. Johnson Landscaping Design/Cape Cod.

Cornwall_option #2 cropped



Best Cornwall_Front Entry


At the entry of this traditional Cape Cod home in Sippiwissett on Buzzard’s Bay the brick walk leads to an intimate front yard courtyard and the entry. The addition of a simple pedestal and bowl planter draws the eye and says “Welcome Home” to homeowner and visitor alike.



Design and photographs by Elaine M. Johnson, Landscape Design Cape Cod. 



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