The Picket Line

IMG_0875The other day as I was riding through my neighborhood I marveled at all the different styles of picket fence that adorn our Cape Cod traditional architecture. Certainly the picket fence is quintessentially “Cape Cod” as it is a perfect compliment to the Cape Cod style of architecture that predominates on these shores.

I counted at least twenty five different adaptations of this fence style_all within a ten mile radius of my home. The classic picket can have different widths, spacing and finial designs. In addition the posts themselves vary as well as the relative heights and rail placements. An excellent resource for investigating these many options is the premier fence company Walpole Woodworkers. On their site one will find, not only many picket fence styles, but also material options. Recently folks have preferred the composite materials like AZAK for its no rot advantage.

picketThe addition of a decorative fence can serve a purely decorative function, define property lines or delineate garden spaces. They serve as ideal backdrops for flower gardens or, with the addition of a gate, as a welcome to guests.

Annabelle Corner

Boyd AfterI found these examples in my neighborhood but one only has to drive the highways and by ways of beautiful Cape Cod in every town to see fine examples. Perhaps there is that home you “stalk” and can incorporate the elements in your own landscapes. Have fun and see how many you can identify.

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