Embellir_to grow lovelier



I love to design container plantings and for years I have created many for my clients. Recently I decided to add a new service to my business, Elaine M. Johnson Landscape Design, by offering specialized container design services in the residential and commercial sector. This service will provide resourcing appropriate containers, siting in the landscape and the selection of the appropriate plantings. I chose “Embellir” the French word for embellishment, which well- placed container plantings do so perfectly.

Enjoy the photographs included here to see the vast opportunities one has for adding that special touch of color for all areas of your landscape. So, join me in “Containing It,” for All Season interest.

Giant Thriller Favorite Container Pic Close Up #2 Close Up #3 Foliage Single Box Artistic Foliage Best Close up Side view WC Blue Pots Caladium Favorite Watercolor Trio Whimsey Close up Best Containers Schnipper #2 Cornwall Urn Close Up Library Auction copy Library_my design 20130708_1801

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