Embellir__The Art of Container Design

Embellir 2nd Choice


I am very happy to announce a new branch of my Landscape Design business, Elaine M. Johnson Landscape Design, which will be a natural extension of the container design I have always done for my clients. This service will focus exclusively on providing design, selection and planting of containers in both the residential and commercial sector. I have called this service Embellir, the French word for embellishment or to grow lovelier, which aptly  describes what I attempt to do with my container designs.

The addition of beautifully designed containers goes a long way in adding visual interest to any garden setting. They are very versatile and can be altered throughout the season. I personally revise some of my containers for Spring, High Summer, Autumn and then again for all Winter interest.

I have included here some pictures of my favorites and I invite you to visit my Facebook Page, Pinterest and Houzz for a wealth of ideas. So, call me and “Let’s Contain It.”


Giant Thriller Library_my design Cornwall Urn Schnipper #2 Favorite Watercolor Close up Best Containers WC Blue Pots Side view Artistic Foliage Foliage Favorite Container Pic